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The Systemline 7 Multi room audio ‘Wired for Wireless’ system is a fully featured 2-24 zone multi source Hi-Fi system with TV sound integration. 100% music with zero clutter. Control of the system is via a dedicated iOS / Android app or with built-in integrated control panels and switches wired throughout your home.

This ‘wired for wireless’ system brings reliability with zero drop outs or quality issues that may occur with wireless systems such as sonos.



Systemline 7 instalaltion newcastle


Systemline streaming services

Systemline 7 Features

  • Each zone or room can select its own unique choice of music or you can play the same source in all rooms
  • Play your stored music on the NetServer or select from a wide variety of music streaming services
  • This system includes the option of playing local sources like your TV through the ceiling speakers
  • CD ripping software is included within the NetSever to allow you to easily store your CD collection
  • Systemline7 can be integrated into all leading home automation systems such as Crestron, Lutron, Control4, RTi and Z-Wave, if required.


systemline installation in north east

Optional Systemline 7 In Wall Control Options

Unlike iphones and ipad, Systemline’s in wall control options are always on hand fully charged to give you full control over your music without having to worry about battery life of unlocking your device.

systemline wall controls


systemline wall panel

What Systemline 7 equipment do I need?

At the heart of a systemline 7 multi room audio system is a NetServer, this is then digitally paired with a NetAmp. Each NetAmp can serve 2 zones with high quality audio from stored CDs or streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn, BBC IPlayer.

Speaker cables then run out to installed speakers in each zone and a data cable runs out to each zone in which you wish to install a wall keypad or wall touch panel. This graphic shows a Systemline 7 system with one zone in its simplest form.

systemline 7 setup

Optional Systemline 7 Products

  • Systemline 4 zone enclosure – easy wall mounting of control hub units
  • Wall Keypads – although not a requirement they are ideal if an ipad / iphone is not available
  • Wall Panels – Integrating an ipad into a wall and maintaining charge level for system control whenever required

Systemline 7 Installation

Systemline 7 is a mutli room system that requires installation and setup. We offer full installation of systemline products in Northern England. If you are unsure contact us to discuss your future system.


Sonos Multi-room Audio Systems
in Newcastle and North East

As well as Systemline 7 we regularly maintain and install new Sonos based multi-room audio systems as well as full HDMI distribution systems.

for customers looking for an easy to use multi-room audio only system Sonos’ ease of use is a clear advantage. contact us today to discuss you sonos requirements in Newcastle and the North East.