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Low Prices

Emergencies & Faults –

Call out including 1st hour of work starts at only £35. Then a low hourly rate.

Give me a call if you need help…
I work in an honest, genuine manner, as repeat business and personal recommendations are the key  to the businesses success.

Normal Electrical Work –

I will give you a free estimate for the electrical work you require including a written quotation with all the details of the job if required.

Wherever possible, I prefer to give a price for the work completed rather than an hourly rate. I know that this gives my customers peace of mind, as they know exactly what they are going to pay for the finished electrical work.

In some situations an hourly rate is required, such as locating an electrical fault. Where this is the case, I work to a low hourly rate. Please call if you need more details.


Lowest Prices

If I give you a price for work you require completing and you believe you can get this work done for a fairer price elsewhere then please let me know and I will normally be willing to match or even beat the price as long as the competitor is a competent electrical contractor.


Some Notes & Explanations;

In a fault situation 9 Times out of 10 I identify the problem and get it repaired in the first hour, if further work is required then I work to the low hourly rate or I will give you a quote for the repair, dependent on the work required.

Fault and Emergency Call-out Pricing;

My standard call out charge is £40 including 1 hour of work and up to 10 miles of travel from my location.