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Free Guide To Avoid Cowboy Electricians in Newcastle Gateshead Area

Unfortunately there are times when we hear from a friend or read in the paper about a ‘cowboy’ electrician or plumber.

If you are looking for a local tradesman there are ways that you can avoid this happening to you, here are a few pointers to help you out;

1. Always ensure that the tradesman you use is a member of a governing body that tests and ensures his competency.

NICEIC electrician– I am a member of the NICEIC that ensures I have the qualification, expertise and competency to deliver a quality service.

2. Ask to see examples of work that the tradesman has already completed.

– I have a section on this website that shows testimonies from genuine customers with pictures of the work. Further info is available upon request.

3. After recent changes in the law many electrical jobs in houses now need to be notified to your Local Authorities planning departments. A professional electrician should do this for you as part of his service and you should get a certificate confirming this.

– As part of the NICEIC I notifiy the local council on your behalf of all work carried out that requires this notification.

4. Is the tradesman approved by any Local Authority? A straight forward point that offers you peace of mind.

Council Approved electrician local authority– I am a member of the ‘Register Trader Scheme’ with Gateshead Council. This means I have committed to work to a code of conduct that offers you, the customer, complete peace of mind.