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As a Landlord and property manager I know you need to be sure that your property is safe before renting to the public…

There are now legal requirements that legislate landlords ensuring the electrical safety of their properties.

My services ensures that your properties are electrically safe and as a local Newcastle Gateshead electrician I am on hand close by to give you a rapid professional service that gives you maximum return and value for your rental property.

Electrical Safety Reports

A Periodic Inspection Report is an electrical safety document that should be carried out every 5 years to a property that is rented to members of the public.

This report involves;

  1. Testing all of the wiring in the property
  2. Ensuring that your fuse box meets current safety standards
  3. Checking all of the accessories, such as switches & sockets
  4. Comments on the existing installation and advises any work that may be required indicating the level of urgency.

After a Periodic Inspection Report is carried out the landlord will receive a certificate and a list of any work required to bring the property up to standard, if any is required. Work will be broken down with a code of 1 to 4, these codes vary from 1 ‘requiring immediate action’ to 4 being ‘not the current safety standards’. To read further on these codes and Periodic Reports click here.

I am able to give you the assurance and service you require to rent your properties with ease and serve your tenants well. If you have a property that needs electrical assessment and you are looking for an honest electrical service that will save you money then call today.

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